Welcome to Virtual Trip Ltd.

Virtual Trip is a leading company in the ICT sector, providing a broad spectrum of products and services to the international market. We have grown organixally since our establishment in year 2000 at Heraklion-Crete, Greece, based on the strong innovative drive of our team.

Virtual Trip

Virtual Trip Ltd. is a network-centric software development company founded in 2000. Currently it employs 35 computer scientists & engineers with offices in Heraklion and Athens.

The company now focuses on providing proffesional services on:

  • Enterprise Web Applications

    • Portals on different sectors like entertainment, ecommerce, banking and government
    • Intranet/Extranet
    • Custom solution ulitizing J2EE patterns
  • Research

The company also participates in a number of (EU or national) R&TD projects in the fields of computer and network security, mobile networks, multi-modal interfaces, and high performance computing.