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What is staff augmentation?

A new way to solve potential staff shortcomings and achieve your business goals

Often hailed as ‘the new agile IT outsourcing’, a generally accepted definition reads something like this: an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project and respond to business objectives, by evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required.

More and more companies, particularly startups, are turning to this method of staffing in favor of complete project outsourcing. Why? Simple. As well as being more affordable than complete outsourcing, it’s also non-disruptive and there’s less chance of making your existing workforce feel threatened. If you need a specific skill set only for a short period of time, the advantages can be invaluable.

How it works

We bring in the hard-to-find technical skillsets you need so you can focus on growing your business.

No two businesses or projects are ever the same so why should you settle for a staffing solution where you try to fit square pegs into round holes?

We can provide you with the highly-skilled talent you need to supplement your requirements so you can let your own in-house staff focus on their core duties.

Our approach is about active collaboration, not a stale customer-client attitude. We believe in truly understanding your company's vision, needs, and culture first, through an in-depth consultation. Then we build a tailored offering to suit your requirements.

Also, we believe in keeping the ‘human’ in human resources. That’s why our people are not only highly-skilled, proven experts in every aspect of software development, but they also possess the necessary soft skills to build relationships and offer new perspectives.

Designed for start-ups by a start-up which has successfully scaled up, our industry-leading services can help your business thrive while staying lean and enjoying total control.

Our solution

An industry-leading solution to help you grow and flourish

We don’t consider staff augmentation simply a cost-saving technique which is all about efficiency. We see it as vital tool for a start-up to become truly greater than the sum of its parts.

We offer flexible solutions for any startup, or other type of company looking to add vital expertise to a set of sprints. Whether you aresearching for IT staff augmentation or Java staff augmentation, as part of staff augmentation for startups, we can help your business make its vision reality.

  • Is your project about Java or related frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot?
  • Are you using Tomcat or JBoss (wicket) servers?
  • You have your prototype ready and standing by?
  • Have you received your Seed or Series A funding?

We’ve got you covered!

Key Benefits

We provide industry-leading solutions to help you grow and flourish

Cost Effective

Our staff augmentation model delivers you from any liabilities towards the staff augmenting your projects. There will be no health insurance, bonus or other expenses. It also helps to reduce the cost training new professionals as our personnel are selected because of their expertise in a particular area and require virtually no acclimatization training.

Increased Agility and Adaptability

Your organization needs to be as agile as the average spider monkey and as adaptable as a chameleon. Our services help the scalability of your organization so you can afford to take on projects of all shapes and sizes. It also enables you to diversify and provide new, high quality solutions with the expertise gleaned from the temporary staff.

Better Control

Your business is your baby. That’s why compared to complete outsourcing, our staff augmentation enables you to stay in total control of your projects at all times. You can closely monitor progress, as well as quality, and shuffle the augmentation staff at any time necessary to improve efficiency. It also helps to reduce concerns of privacy and security.

New Perspectives

Our augmented teams are not affected by your organization’s internal cultural politics, something which could help bring efficiency and discipline to your daily work. You’ll benefit from an objective point of view, as well as fresh ideas on your projects and processes which could help to unlock previously untapped potential.

Why Virtual Trip?

We deliver on speed and quality. Every time.

In-depth consultation to align with your business goals

A non-disruptive and collaborative approach

There is practically no learning curve for our people.

Our software and hardware resources are augmented by shared resources from Starttech Ventures.

Complete transparency throughout project life cycle

Exceptional value for money

Highly qualified and certified teams educated to at least MSc. Level

How much will it cost?

We offer highly professional cutting edge solutions at an affordable price

Register for 3 months and pay just $26.000 (no hidden fees & taxes)

Get 10% off if you renew for a further 3 months

Case Studies

Learn about how we have helped many businesses realize their vision


Blueline is an on-demand healthcare platform for dynamically matching supply and demand in the primary healthcare sector in real time. Blueline connects patients with medical professionals, making house calls as easy as booking a cab from your smartphone.

Visit the Blueline website


Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our partners say about us

“We chose Virtual Trip due to their vast experience in web development - particularly in Java development which we decided to implement our back-end system – and because they are very affordable for a start-up like ourselves. The end result was an exceptionally robust and stable system. They managed to implement everything we asked on time and on budget – it was a real pleasure dealing with them.”
- Nikos Naoum, Blueline CEO and Co-founder

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